NGEO photo honour a great skill recognition
The Borneo Post (September 4, 2010)
Sarawak Edition

KUCHING: He has always thought that one must be a really good photographer to have one’s photographs published in the National Geographic (NGEO) magazine.Thus, it came as a pleasant surprise for Suchen K when told that his photographs at the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) 2010 were published in online National Geographic.

Better known as Suchen among friends and acquaintances, the opportunity to have his works published in the magazine was definitely recognition of his skill.

“I am very honoured, it is as if I am a musician and Michael Jackson asked me to sing with him,” he was quoted in a media release here yesterday.

No one can blame him for basking on his moment as he had just carved his name among the few privileged Asian photographers to have the chance to grace the pages of National Geographic.

While he cannot stop saying how honoured he felt, Suchen is quick to admit that the honour given by National Geographic has also humbled him as it shows that people like his style of photography, which all started as a hobby many years ago.

“I feel very humble that my hobby is growing on people,” said this Kota Kinabalu-based photographer, who has also turned his hobby into business venture.

Besides National Geographic, Suchen’s photographs at RWMF (Malaysia’s premiere music festival) were also published in the online Reader’s Digest Asia recently.

He is a familiar figure at the annual RWMF because he is the official photographer of the festival for the past three years.

Standing tall with his long dreadlocks and always dressed in shorts and shirt, it is easy to spot him among the thousands of festival-goers.

Like few photographers who earned a living on their talent and skill, Suchen also carries a name card or calling card.

Instead of the normal size name card, Suchen’s one is in the size of a bookmark and it doubles as that too.

From his online photography portfolio, it is easy to see that Suchen has developed his own unique photography style that has made him much-sought after not only in Kota Kinabalu but in other parts of Malaysia and overseas.

It has become a norm to hear Suchen saying that he is on photography assignments in Korea, Singapore and Bali.

In fact, he has travelled to 39 countries since taking photography seriously in 2003.

Browsing through his photo library, one can easily get lost as he has more than 10,000 photographs and another 100,000 yet-to-be-edited personal keeps.

He is embarking on a book project, which is now taking him to all part of Malaysia.

The project is expected to be completed soon and that is another story to tell.

Looking at how passionate he is in his work, it is not a surprise that Suchen holds strongly to Confucius wise words “Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life”, for he never complains about being tired even though he walks the miles and sleeps for few hours when on a photography assignment.

“The day it becomes a job, that will be the day I will hang my camera and quit,” quipped Suchen.

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