Tips: Point and shoot it your way
The New Straits Times (October 14, 2010)

When taking pictures, the award-winning photographer Suchen SK
tells LAVIINIA DHANAGUNAN that it’s best to have your own style
SHE stands, frozen in time, much like the iron latticed monument rising in the background. But unlike the Eiffel Tower, the lady is dressed in sombre black from head to toe and exudes a mysterious aura.

And you can’t help but wonder who she is and where she’s on her way to. This somewhat mesmerising picture is taken by local boy Suchendran Sivaraman Kannan, or simply Suchen SK. The 36-year-old travel photographer has visited nearly 40 countries in the last decade or so, snapping whatever that strikes his fancy, be it something as mundane as people walking by a popular tourist attraction or something as captivating as a sunset.

What’s most interesting about his pictures is how he has managed to translate human emotions onto print. “Basically, I try to have the ‘virtual’ caption of the picture in the picture itself,” says the award-winning photographer. Suchen, who is also a photocrafter, has some interesting takes on his website at Here he shares some tips for aspiring photographers: 1. Don’t be afraid to try out new angles. Try moving the camera around, be it up, down, left or right. Even if it’s just 2.5cm, the way the camera’s angled can make a difference in the placing of the subject and background 2. Use as much natural light or lighting to create a natural-looking picture. If you’re aiming for an edited look or feel, this point can be disregarded.

3. Always try to be on the same eye level as the subject, especially when your subjects are kids or animals.

4. Get the rules of the trade down to a pat. When taking shots, it’s best to have your own style so people can identify your shots as soon as they see them. 5. Get involved in the moment as much as possible. Don’t be scared to experiment or get dirty.



Photograph Copyright © 1997-2009 Suchendran Sivaraman K
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