What some of them said.......


Great to know someone who could capture such great photos
Alison Wsh - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

The Magician- The man that does magic with photos
Asif Pishori - London, UK

I just love your photos! :D I put your site to one of my blog posts :)
Sharon Joy Vallar - Philippines

Hey, well done. I admire your skills in photography and all the adventures you've done over the past decade. Fair play. Keep up the good work.!!
Priscilla Salveen - Dublin, Ireland

What a diverse range of images you have here!! I have quite a few favourites but my most favourite would be the little monkey reaching for the food in the mans hand, you havent named that picture. Some great photography and I'm sure to visit again.
Stephanie - London, UK

Congratulations to a GREAT website. I really enjoy watching your pictures from all over the world.
Kark Karlsson - Sweden

dude... you da man. Finally met someone worthy to claim... been there done that..
Raymond - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thanks for this awesome website. It reminds me that it's necessary to travell to keep growing and developing one's self. don't loose your essence, good luck!
Irene Alarcon Bover - Mallorca, Spain

Viewed your photos, very good. Started two days ago and not even half way through
Lilu - Pecs, Hungary

I really like your pics. they are greate! Keep up the good work!
Bea Deeasatumare - Baia Mare, Romania

I finally went to your website. It was a long time coming!!! I still loving hearing about your travels.
Chasidy Karpiuk - Canada

Hi, Suchen! , the pictures are fantastic! I really liked it and i wish i travelled to some of these places someday 'cause they are breathtakingly beautiful!! Also i'm interested in taking pics and i enjoyed the photos u took
Alina Rusalika - Vladivostok, Russia

hey there.some beautiful pics.enjoy browsing now and then.cheers
Lisha Deysel - Cape Town, South Africa

Hey Suchen, Just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for the awesome job you did at our wedding. Though not sure I should be thanking you as the entire day after was spent talking about how cool the photographer was and not the bride and groom hahah just kidding. No in all seriousness the photo's I have seen are incredible and you were fantastic to work with..we hardly knew you were there and you caught some great moments on film which were are so grateful for. Would def use your services again!!
Kind regards

Hey hey! Us again..since we last posted the DVD and the book has arrived and they are both incredible. I think we have watched the DVD 10 times and our family have seen it and absolutely love it. And the book is gorgeous..the photos you selected are great and really tell the story of the day.
Thanks again for everything Suchen!!
Mandy and Adam Denholm - Adelaide, Australia

Lovely web page. Keep up the good work!Looking forward to the pic from cambodia
Fredrik and Erik - Norway

nice site!! groeten uit amsterdam
Eric Walraven - Amsterdam, Holland

wonderful website,nice pictures!
Anna - Krakow, Poland

Wow, I've only seen a bit of the albums but feel like packing and leaving for these places right away. It's after midnight and I've gotta go to work tomorrow, so maybe I'll just go for a 10-minute walk in the park near my flat.
Well, some are lucky, some are even luckier...
Kisgalus - Hungary

The photos from Krakow are absolutely serious stuff, dude. Impressed!!
Sargunan - Klang, Malaysia

wow was great to see my beautifull city.Thank you so much for the great photos! and keep on travelling
Bruno Oliveira - Porto, Portugal

Great pages Suchen, good work!! And look at all the great places you have been into... WOW
Henna - Finland

Salla Sepp
ä - Finland

nice,nice....u r awesome ,man!!!!!
Diana Wang - China


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