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If you would like to enhance your business environment, it may be time to employ the services of Rent A Picture. offers picture rental services for all industries — from financial institutions, hotels, legal offices and health clinics to interior design houses, property developers and even restaurants and nightclubs.

Why Rent a Picture?

One of the best ways to enhance the atmosphere of your workplace is to include framed photos that capture various emotions. Through a vast photo gallery with pictures taken from around the world, offers thousands of images to choose from. For long term rentals, having the option to change the picture every two months makes Suchen's Rent a Picture the first of its kind in the world.

Call us now and a photo consultant will be on hand to present a suitable portfolio for your enterprise. This also enables the consultant to get a feel for your business and suggest images that are appropriate. Whatever your need — be it an office refurbishment, moving into a new office building, a marketing campaign, a corporate function, “Dressing” an exhibition stand, or even for a “temporary” sales environment — can provide the finishing touch to your business environment.

How to Rent a Picture?

You can opt to Rent a Picture from a day, week, month, to a year if not more starting at our very favourable and competitive prices. For long-term rentals (more than three months), rental agreements include an option to feature different images every few months.

Apart from having beautiful images on your walls, the cost of renting our images can be written down as an operating expense, hence attracting your year-end tax advantage. Call us for a consultation today and you can enjoy a 40% discount if you sign up for a full-year.

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